When it comes to building a commercial, residential or an industrial structure, taking the energy consumption and automation processes into account are necessary.

OLFAT is a one-stop spot for all who desires a “never too cold and never too warm” with a low maintenance cost and friendly operation; we create a comfortable and safe space to live, work and grow.

At OLFAT, we believe that providing scalable Building Automation Solution for HVAC, lighting, comfort, and safety shouldn’t just be a mere installation but one geared towards reducing energy costs.

With over 20 years of experience in the building automation industry, we have learned what it takes to provide cost-effective energy solution as well as future proof to meet the dynamic capacity and technological requirements which meet the need of each of our clients. We believe the ecosystem should be made conducive without incurring many costs, and that is why we focus on Energy Efficiency and Green Building

OLFAT provides renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and remote area, ranging from on-grid or off-grid solar system and more.

We are your partner for Total Building Automation & Energy Efficiency. Kindly get in touch today and see how we transform your energy consumption costs and efficiency.


We aim to create a complete solution that caters design and supply of HVAC controls, Room Automation, BMS, fire safety and security.

We also want to be a long-term partner that stands with you in creating reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for both internal and external threats to your organization.

Create an environment for smooth business transactions through the services of our engineers, programmers and expert builders.


Provide unmatched support to help our clients fit into opportunities by creating bespoke solutions that meet their requirements and prepare them for industrial opportunities.


  • Stand out as your go-to choice for complete automation services
  • Increase energy efficiency in your space
  • Help our clients reduce the complicity of their system
  • Provide complete and integrated HVAC, Lighting, safety and Room Automation solutions


At OLFAT, we look beyond the nearest future to provide solutions that cater to the long-term needs of our clients. We are proud to be one of the leading brands that offer unrivaled solar and building automation services, and this stems from our commitment to improving on errors and oversights by steadily reinventing ourselves. We have come to realize that unconditional client satisfaction is paramount to the success of any brand, and that is why we prioritize satisfaction.

Without a doubt, the future is challenging, but we are reassured by the fact that we have the expertise, infrastructure and workforce to confidently handle any challenge, no matter how complex. Our passion for utmost customer satisfaction has driven us this far and we keep moving.

We are bent on:

  • Understanding each client’s needs and provide unrivalled and efficient service throughout the existence of your system.
  • Craft tailored solutions to assist each client in achieving their goal.
  • Deliver greats results through skilled technical support that stems from design, implementation, testing and commissioning.
  • We are committed to providing ethical and responsible actions.
  • We skyrocket client staff skills through the provision of efficient client building management system.


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OLFAT is your partner for total automation, safety and energy efficiency. We serve clients with passion and respect.
Never too cold and never too warm a space to live, work, dream and grow.

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