Building Management System

Every building, whether residential or commercial, needs smart technological initiatives to improve building operational efficiency and lower energy costs. OLFAT provides a state-of-the art building management system to turn your building into concise space you can live and control without hassle.

With integrated building management system, your brand can operate at its highest level with improved productivity and business management.

OLFAT creates a building management system, custom to your building or business to interconnect all your network systems that helps you share and distribute data efficiently while optimizing communication and control. Our building management system spans across HVAC, electrical panel, pumps, lighting, fire safety, and security.

We provide you with the best of industry’s control and management system that caters to the mechanical, electrical and technological needs of your building.

Room Automation

OLFAT offers a complete building automation service to virtually all sizes of building to cut down energy costs and make facility management a hassle-free process. We are proud to be a leading brand that offers you room automation solution.

Our room automation system grants unmatched control solution; we try to understand your unique needs for automation and tailor our expertise to craft the very best solution that meets your needs. Ranging from designs to installations’ supervision , sequence of operation, flow diagrams among others, we provide exquisite automation for your building. We enrich your rooms’ technology and let you have the control of your rooms through automation systems.

Home Automation

No one would cheerfully reject a smart house, but it could be a daunting task to find a brand that fully automates your house and makes it a connected crib. OLFAT provides top-notch home automation system that lets you control appliances and home installations right from your mobile. Our programmable devices serve your home right, and our security system makes your home to be space with automated security.

OLFAT believes in tight home security and optimizes home installation control system; we go high and above to ensure we customize our automation system and services to meet your particular needs. With several years of experience in automating homes and making homeowners control their home systems without stress from anywhere, we know how to turn your home into what you have ever imagined.

Hotel Management System

Nothing beats having a system that lets your monitor and control your hotel, its rooms and installations in there. We create management solutions that automate and power brands under the hospitality industry. OLFAT understands that you need an efficient and top-notch property management system to help you operate both your front and back desks.

Our hotel management system optimises, comfort, security and alertness right from checking in to checking out, our hotel management system flaunts operations and tools you can use to run your hotel business without hassle on the side of your management and your clients.

We let you upscale your hotel business, save energy and labour while reducing energy cost.

Fire Safety

An ideal fire safety plan goes beyond having just smoke/heat detectors or an escape route; having an array of safety tools and automation in place crowns it all. In a bid to ensure homes and commercial places are on the safety side, we provide fire safety that caters to all the possible fire issues in your space.

With our fire safety solution, fire alarms are sure to alert you in the case of any fire incident. OLFAT offers a complete fire safety service that includes fire alarm panel, detectors, peripherals, and others. Our fire alarm monitoring and overall fire safety solution is second to none and is built with the home, commercial place, valuables and humans in mind.


When it comes to achieving optimum protection, speed is a crucial factor. Even when your brand has a skilled security team, achieving complete security is often a game of time and number. OLFAT provides unmatched automation and orchestration to integrate different processes and security systems that work to optimize the security of your space, whether commercial or residential.

We realize that security operations can be best handled with automated systems than human interventions, and that is why we provide security systems that flaunt tools apt for optimized security. With the minor and major flaws that come with manual security operations, there is no doubt that having an automated system is what every space requires. Ranging from poor resolution time to operational inefficiencies and low-security talent, OLFAT provides a one-stop automated security solution that caters to these without stress.

OLFAT is your partner for total automation, safety and energy efficiency. We serve clients with passion and respect.
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